The Poquonnock Bridge Project & Poquonnock Bridge are located in Groton Ct 06340. The "Poquonnock Bridge project" is about creating a neighborhood that brings better living to its residents through Technology, Aesthetics and Design. Our neighborhood's layout lends itself very well to harnessing solar and geothermal methods to completely power & heat our homes and grow & raise food symbiotically with nature. How? Through the use of several different solar technologies & aquaponic vertical gardening techniques. We all want more control over our lives and if our main expense the cost to house and feed ourselves is greatly reduced we can do more of what we personally want to do with our lives. In my mind that is what our country is about, freedom and autonomy. Technologies that currently exist can bring us all closer to those things. I'm not talking about a "hippie" community exactly, not that there's anything wrong with that but one that incorporates technology to make things easier and less expensive so that you can do the things you care about. This web-site is dedicated to advancing this mission and will display technologies to be used in combination to accomplish this goal. Other suggestions and participation are very welcome. Ali Starkley